Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle Full Version Activated 2024

Introducing Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle

Unlock the full potential of your Oracle databases with Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle This comprehensive software, provided in a pre-activated full version, is your go-to solution for efficient data comparison and synchronization. Elevate your database management experience with a range of advanced features designed to simplify complex tasks and ensure the integrity of your data.

Key Features:

1. Advanced Data Comparison

Experience precision in data comparison with advanced features that enable the identification of differences between Oracle databases. The intuitive interface makes it easy to visualize and comprehend variations in data sets, providing a comprehensive understanding of your database structures.

2. Seamless Synchronization

Keep your Oracle databases consistent and up-to-date effortlessly. The software offers seamless synchronization capabilities, allowing you to update, insert, or delete records with confidence. Ensure that changes made in one database are reflected accurately in others, maintaining a synchronized data environment.

3. Scripting for Automation

Take advantage of scripting capabilities to automate repetitive data comparison and synchronization tasks. Generate scripts for identified differences, enabling seamless integration into your existing workflows. This feature is invaluable for scenarios requiring continuous integration and streamlined automation processes.

4. Visual Data Mapping

Visualize the structure and relationships within your Oracle databases through intuitive data mapping. Gain insights into the connections between tables and entities, making it easier to comprehend and manage complex database architectures.

5. Snapshot Comparison

Utilize snapshot comparison to compare data at different points in time. This feature is particularly useful for tracking changes and understanding how data evolves over specific periods, providing a comprehensive historical view of your Oracle databases.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.

Oracle Database:

Supports Oracle Database versions 10g and above.


Requires a minimum of 2 GB RAM for optimal performance.


Requires a minimum of 500 MB of free disk space for installation.


Q: Is Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle a full version, and is it pre-activated?

A: Yes, Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle is a full version that comes pre-activated, allowing users to access all features without additional activation steps.

Q: Can I automate data comparison tasks using this software?

A: Absolutely. The software provides scripting capabilities, allowing users to automate data comparison and synchronization tasks for increased efficiency.

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