GitKraken Client On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0 Full Version Activated 2024


GitKraken Client On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0 represents a robust solution for teams and enterprises seeking a self-hosted version control platform. Tailored for organizations with specific security and compliance requirements, this on-premise serverless edition of GitKraken Client offers a seamless and scalable Git management experience. With a focus on flexibility and control, GitKraken On-Premise Serverless empowers development teams to collaborate efficiently, ensuring version control and collaboration within a secure and customizable environment. Whether you’re a small development team or a large enterprise, GitKraken On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0 provides a feature-rich and scalable solution for managing your Git repositories with ease.

Explore the extensive features of GitKraken Client On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0, designed to meet the diverse needs of enterprise-level version control. With support for unlimited repositories, flexible access controls, and seamless integration with popular Git hosting services, GitKraken On-Premise Serverless ensures a streamlined and efficient development workflow. Advanced features like built-in code review, Gitflow branching, and integrations with popular development tools further enhance the productivity of development teams. The serverless architecture eliminates the need for a dedicated server setup, allowing organizations to deploy and scale their Git infrastructure effortlessly. GitKraken Client On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0 is the ideal choice for organizations seeking a powerful, self-hosted Git solution that prioritizes security, control, and collaboration.

Key Features

1. Unlimited Repositories

Manage an unlimited number of repositories within your on-premise environment, providing the flexibility and scalability needed for enterprise-level version control.

2. Access Controls

Define fine-grained access controls to ensure that team members have the appropriate permissions, enhancing security and compliance within your version control workflow.

3. Built-in Code Review

Streamline the code review process with built-in tools, allowing teams to collaborate efficiently and ensure the quality of code contributions.

4. Gitflow Branching

Implement Gitflow branching strategies seamlessly within GitKraken, providing a standardized approach to version control that enhances collaboration and release management.

System Requirements

GitKraken Client On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0 is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. The software requires a minimum of 4GB RAM and 2GHz dual-core processor for optimal performance. Ensure your system has sufficient disk space for repositories and backups.


Q: Is GitKraken On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0 available as a full version?

A: Yes, GitKraken On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0 is available as a full version, offering organizations access to all features for comprehensive self-hosted Git management.

Q: Is the software pre-activated upon installation?

A: No, activation is required upon installation. Follow the provided instructions to activate your copy of GitKraken On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0 and unlock its complete functionality.

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