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HD Tune Pro Crack is a free, functional, and authentic hard disk/SSS program. You can measure the performance of your drive with its effective use. It helps you monitor the health status, error scanning, and safely erase your data. The tool serves as an extended version of HD Tune and contains many new features. These features include secure erasing, write benchmark, folder usage view, command line parameters, and AAM setting. Also, it includes benchmarks as well as disk monitor features.

HD Tune Pro Crack

HD Tune Pro Crack License Key supports a revolutionized SSD and HDD so you can conveniently benchmark your hard drive. With this, app, the clients can manage as well as evaluate their data usage. It functions as a single solution and deletes all the irrelevant files. The important and useful equipment of this software with the relatively advanced features make this tool easy and flexible. You can test temperatures, burst speed, and benchmark with this application.

HD Tune Pro Crack Activation key contains a benchmarking feature that assists in estimating mate the raw performance. The design of this tool is such that you can evaluate the accurate performance of your storage devices. Also, it offers comprehensive details regarding the capability of the transfer rate. You can run the comprehensive benchmark test and verify its transfer rate along with the single file and custom size. It features almost 10 kinds of tests that prove to be useful for reading translates. These include burst rate tests as well as sequential mode.

If you want to determine the capacity of your device for supporting the advanced features, use this app. The unique features of this software include upgradeable firmware, a 48-bit address, and automatic acoustic management. You get all the details regarding this information in fewer seconds. So, you do not have to install any other complicated app for this purpose. This software keeps you well-updated about your hard drive status. In this way, you can easily detect the accidental data loss and impending device failures. Use this app for scanning the sectors and damaged blocks periodically. It highlights all the errors so that it can prevent all the issues on your hard drive.

The software gives you the details regarding the folders that contain the majority of your disk space.  In a few seconds, this software gives you the complete report by simply scanning your folder structure. This information helps you recognize the irrelevant folders and files. Apart from this, it lets you free the irrelevant space. Another important feature of this app is its potential to decrease the noise in your hard drive. It utilizes a technique called Automatic Acoustic Management. The software supports AAm which are parameters for Acoustic management. So, you can conveniently adjust them through this application. You can easily utilize it and it consumes 45 MB of RAM during the benchmark test and error scan. It has a great impact on the performance of your PC. Also, it updates you regarding the disk information and monitoring of the hard drive.

HD Tune Pro Features

HD Tune Pro Crack

Estimates Transfer Rate

This software measures the read speed in MB/sec. Also, it displays the maximum, minimum, or average speed as well as the read performance through the disk.

Burst Rate

A burst rate serves as the highest speed for transferring data out of your drive interface to your operating system.

Access Time

The utility can measure the average access time as well as displays the milli-seconds. Your graph shows the estimated access times in the form of yellow dots.


The taskbar and the main screen display the temperature. Users can choose the temperature units in their option screen and also the need to display temperature in their taskbar.

CPU Usage

You can get information regarding the CPU time required by your system through CPU usage. In this way, you can read the data directly from your hard disk.

Error Scanning

Press the start button so that the complete disk surface can be deeply scanned for multiple defects. This tool executes the defects in the form of the red blocks.


The software utilizes S.M.A.R.T for getting information regarding the health of their hard disk.

New Features

  • Fixed the problem in Window size.
  • Displays over temperature as a warning.
  • An added support for USB bridge.

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • RAM:2 GB 
  • Storage: 200 MB
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz

HD Tune Pro Crack License Key




HD Tune Pro Crack Serial key




HD Tune Pro Crack is a hard drive testing app for Windows users. They can evaluate the health of their hard drive and perform the benchmark read test. Similarly, you can run an effective scan for your errors. You can easily utilize this tool and it supports external and internal storage devices. In addition, this utility allows you to copy the needed information. Similarly, you can customize some of its features because it helps you save crucial information in the form of screenshot images. Moreover, this app can support all sorts of hard drives. This program can support different versions of Windows and can function with a memory card, SSD, and external hard drive. You can alter the device that you are currently utilizing from its drop-down menu that appears on the top of your screen. Health, Benchmark, Error Scan, and Info are some of the important tabs. 

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