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reWASD Crack is a robust gamepad mapper with a versatile remap controller for the mouse & keyboard. Also, you can utilize it for reassigning with the paddles of Xbox Elite as well as converting your regular joystick into a Macro & Turbo controller. You can try the 7-day free trial version of this program which empowers you to remap the Xbox controller from its trigger button, from its pad to the paddles, out of the gamepad to the keyboard. It works exactly according to your needs. 

reWASD Crack

Acquire complete control of the DualShock, Xbox, as well as Nintendo controllers. You can combine the various settings as well as assign multiple gamepad buttons to your keyboard. The mouse rotates in the direction of the stick as well as mouse clicks on the right or left trigger. Unleashing the right power of the Xbox Elite paddles becomes easier with this software because it grants you sufficient freedom with its native applications of the Xbox Accessories. The gamepad mapper is capable of interchanging the buttons and the keys. It can also map the paddles of the Xbox Elite into the keyboard. 

reWASD Crack Activation Key offers you the choice of assigning actions as well as getting the pros of the Elite controller. You can obtain these features in the game without any need for native Xbox support. The gamepad mapper empowers your controller because it is basically tailor-made for remapping Xbox One Controllers. This wireless app is specifically created by remembering the Xbox Elite Wireless. So, it is the best application for PC and Xbox Elite lovers. The people who utilize the DualShock 4 on their computer, can have another zest. It permits you to divide your touchpad into the zone as well as add up your distinct mappings to this program. You can utilize all these tool powers in this specific gamepad.  

reWASD Crack License Key enhances its native features for the supported device. You can convert one ordinary gamepad into a macro controller by utilizing the Key Combo, toggle some keys, and simultaneously apply 4 configs, including the Turbo button, and switch all controls by utilizing Advanced Mapping. Apart from this, you can utilize the Android equipment in the form of a gamepad by utilizing your Mobile Controller.  You can map the gamepad into the keyboard as well as share your configs. The game profiles of this software bring you new dimensions of customization. You can get help by checking the preset profile added to the remapper of your gamepad in your first-time usage. 

reWASD Features 

reWASD Crack


One of the major functions of this tool is you can remap the mouse, controllers, as well as keyboard keys. Adjustment of your deadline for the mouse and keyboard mappings is possible for the triggers and the sticks. The addition of the mappings into the trigger zones and 3 sticks is seamless with this app. 

Generate Layouts

You should generate the layouts which are 4 in number for a single config by using the Shift Mode of this software. Also, you can utilize the Elite paddles of the Xbox in the form of independent control. Also, you can include the mappings in the shortcuts.

 Select Required Formats

You can select the required controllers of your devices in which you want to perform the editing in your lower left corner. 

Generation of a New Profile

The plus sign present on the bottom lets users generate their new profile. They can set a distinct name for their game and include a background picture when required. Also, they can add a click and the program automatically sets the config. 

Select the Gamepad

Ensure the selection of your gamepad in the menu in the upper corner of your reWASD Window. 

Add Mappings

Select a controller button that you specifically want to remap as well as assign any action to it. Also, you can hook the keyboard buttons and controllers. By pressing the button on your physical controller, you can choose a button in your main interface. Also, you can click the key of the keyboard to assign a specific mapping. Include a description in your mapping to clarify the action that you want to assign. 

New Features

  • The reWASD tool contains an integrated community search. 
  • The virtual controllers contain squared Stick settings. 
  • An improved connection of the Xbox One/X/S console to the reWASD through implemented GIMX. 

System Requirement

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • Processor: A standard processor that meets the minimum requirements for the supported Windows version.
  • RAM (Memory): A sufficient amount of RAM is required for optimal performance. Typically, a system with at least 2 GB of RAM is recommended.
  • Storage: you have enough free space on your storage drive for the application and any configurations you save.
  • .NET Framework: reWASD may require a specific version of the .NET Framework. Ensure that your system has the required .NET Framework version installed.
  • Internet Connection: An internet connection may be required for activation and updates.

reWASD Crack License Key




reWASD Crack Serial key




reWASD Crack is an authentic tool that can map your controller to the mouse as well as the keyboard. The utilization of Xbox Elite paddles becomes easier in all the games with the accurate use of this program. Remapping of the hardware buttons is also quite easy with Nintendo, Xbox, as well as Dualshock on the PC. The free version of this software lets you unlock the stunning features so try utilizing it. 

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