PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40 v20.0.3.54 Full Version Activated 2024


PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40 is a cutting-edge electrical design software that empowers engineers and professionals in the automation industry. This comprehensive solution offers a powerful set of tools to streamline the creation of electrical schematics, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the design process. With a user-friendly interface and advanced features, PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40 is a go-to solution for those seeking precision in electrical design and automation projects.

Engineered for both beginners and experienced professionals, PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40 provides a seamless design experience. The software enables users to create detailed electrical schematics, manage components, and generate comprehensive documentation. From control systems to industrial automation, PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40 is a versatile tool that facilitates the entire spectrum of electrical design tasks with ease.

Key Features

1. Intelligent Component Management:

Effortlessly manage and organize electrical components with the intelligent component management system. PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40 ensures that components are easily accessible and can be efficiently integrated into your schematics.

2. Dynamic Symbol Generation:

Create dynamic symbols that adapt to different design scenarios. This feature enhances flexibility and allows for the creation of detailed and customized symbols tailored to specific project requirements.

3. PLC Module Configurator:

Facilitate the integration of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) into your designs with the PLC Module Configurator. This feature simplifies the configuration process, ensuring seamless communication between your electrical schematics and PLC systems.

4. Real-time Cross-Referencing:

Ensure accuracy and consistency in your designs with real-time cross-referencing. PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40 automatically updates cross-references as you make changes, minimizing errors and streamlining the design verification process.

5. Intelligent Drawing Assistance:

Experience intelligent drawing assistance that optimizes your workflow. PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40 suggests connections, routes wires, and provides contextual guidance, allowing for efficient and error-free electrical schematic creation.

6. Database-Driven Design:

Utilize the power of a database-driven design approach. PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40 enables seamless collaboration and data sharing, ensuring consistency across multiple projects and enhancing overall project management efficiency.

7. Automated Documentation Generation:

Generate comprehensive and professional documentation automatically. PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40 produces detailed reports, BOMs, and other documentation, reducing manual effort and enhancing the overall documentation quality.

8. Integration with CAD Platforms:

Integrate your electrical designs with popular CAD platforms seamlessly. PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40 supports compatibility with various CAD systems, enabling collaboration and interoperability with existing design workflows.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)


Intel Core i5 or equivalent


8 GB or higher


DirectX 11 compatible graphics card

Hard Disk Space:

20 GB of free space

Additional Requirements:

Internet connection for product activation and updates


Q: Is there a full version of PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40 available?

A: Yes, PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40 is available in both free and full versions. The full version unlocks all advanced features for complete access.

Q: Do I need to activate PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40 after installation?

A: Yes, activation is required for the full version of PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40. Follow the provided instructions to activate your software and access all features.

Q: Can I use a pre-activated version of PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40?

A: Some licenses may come pre-activated. Check your license details to determine if your version of PC SCHEMATIC Automation 40 is pre-activated for your convenience.

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