Movavi Business Suite 2020 v20.0.0 Full Version Activated 2024


Movavi Business Suite 20.0.0 is a comprehensive software package designed to meet the multimedia needs of businesses, providing a range of powerful tools for video editing, screen recording, and document management. Tailored to streamline communication and content creation, this suite is ideal for businesses looking to enhance their visual content, presentations, and marketing materials. With an intuitive interface and a variety of features, Movavi Business Suite 20.0.0 empowers users to create professional-looking videos, capture and edit screen recordings, and efficiently manage documents, making it an invaluable asset for modern businesses striving for impactful and engaging visual content.

Unlock the potential of your business with Movavi Business Suite 20.0.0 array of features, whether you need to create compelling promotional videos, record and edit webinars, or manage your documents seamlessly. This versatile suite offers a unified solution for businesses seeking an all-encompassing multimedia toolkit to elevate their visual communication strategies. With Movavi Business Suite 20.0.0, businesses can achieve greater efficiency in content creation, enhance their online presence, and deliver engaging multimedia experiences to clients, partners, and employees alike.

Key Features

1. Video Editing:

Edit and enhance videos effortlessly with Movavi Business Suite’s intuitive video editing tools. Trim, cut, and apply special effects to create professional-quality videos for marketing, presentations, or training purposes.

2. Screen Recording:

Capture and record your screen with precision. Movavi Business Suite allows users to create tutorial videos, record webinars, and capture software demonstrations, providing a versatile solution for content creation and training purposes.

3. Video Conversion:

Convert multimedia files to various formats to ensure compatibility across platforms. Movavi Business Suite supports a wide range of file types, making it easy to adapt your content to different devices and systems.

4. Document Management:

Efficiently manage your business documents with the suite’s document management tools. Organize, edit, and secure your documents to streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration among team members.

5. Professional Templates:

Access a library of professionally designed templates for presentations, videos, and documents. Movavi Business Suite simplifies the creative process, allowing users to choose from a variety of templates to achieve a polished and cohesive look.

6. Customizable Branding:

Ensure brand consistency by incorporating your company’s branding elements into videos, presentations, and documents. Movavi Business Suite provides customizable options to align your content with your brand identity.

7. Webcam Recording:

Integrate webcam footage into your videos and screen recordings for a personalized touch. Movavi Business Suite allows users to add a human element to their content, making it more engaging and relatable.

8. Interactive Presentations:

Create interactive and engaging presentations with interactive elements, such as clickable buttons and links. Movavi Business Suite empowers users to go beyond static presentations and deliver dynamic and captivating content.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)


Intel or AMD, 1 GHz or faster


4 GB or higher


Intel HD Graphics 2000 or higher

Hard Disk Space:

1 GB of free space

Additional Requirements:

Stable internet connection for product activation and updates


Q: Is there a full version of Movavi Business Suite 20.0.0 available?

A: Yes, Movavi Business Suite 20.0.0 is available in both free and full versions. The full version provides access to all advanced features for complete multimedia capabilities.

Q: Do I need to activate Movavi Business Suite 20.0.0 after installation?

A: Yes, activation is required for the full version of Movavi Business Suite 20.0.0. Follow the provided instructions to activate your software and unlock the complete set of features.

Q: Can I use a pre-activated version of Movavi Business Suite 20.0.0?

A: Some licenses may come pre-activated. Check your license details to determine if your version of Movavi Business Suite 20.0.0 is pre-activated for your convenience.

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