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ApowerREC Crack is a screen recording app that you can utilize for recording audio and video content on your computer. According to particular needs, you may utilize it for recording audio, laptop screens, as well as webcams. Moreover, you have a choice to capture the images on your screen. With this versatile screen recorder, you can record all the activities as well as audio at once.

With the mode of multiple recording, you can either record a personalized area or full screen. A seamless synchronization helps you record your gameplay with improved efficiency. Record the particular window as well as other apps without a slight interruption in your recording. ApowerREC Full Version gives you a choice to record your microphone as well as system sound. You can quickly record the screen with the use of a webcam image. Also, you can exclusively record your webcam.

ApowerREC Crack with License Key gives you a choice of task recording with absolute precision. The annotation tools of this software help you add serial numbers/ lines/ texts. Apart from this, you can utilize whiteboard activities during your section of recording. Another important feature is the video editing. ApowerREC Serial Key Activated makes you an expert in screen recording as well as recording the activities that you perform on your desktop.

ApowerREC Crack serves as one of the best tools for screen recording for iOS, Android, Mac, as well as Windows. So, you can obtain an experience of extra smart screen recording. When you have to record a specific task then you can choose the starting as well as ending point. In this way, you can record the screen recording projects to record a webcam or PC screen at a specific time. Similarly, zoom recording allows you to zoom in on the specific screen portion during your screen recording. By using the default shortcut key, you can easily enlarge the recording content that you wish to specifically exhibit.

Locked Windows recording allows you to record a particular program or window. Also, ApowerREC does not interrupt the recording procedure while utilizing other apps. Spotlight recording particularly emphasizes the specific portion of your recorded screen. For this purpose, you have to utilize the default shortcut key which highlights the details of screen recording. Utilize this app to enhance the level of productivity as well as working efficiently.

Being the best application for work and business management, the tool lets you make demonstration videos. Also, you can capture the web conference for review at a later stage as well as for backup purposes. ApowerREC Crack supports webcam and voice commentary so you can include them in your recording.

ApowerREC Features

Videos Recording

Clients become skilled in the screen recording field with the use of powerful tools. It assists them in quick recording of their desktop activities.

Videos Recording on Various Occasions

With this software, you get permission to record videos on several occasions. Video recording becomes quite interesting and quick during entertainment & gaming, studying & meetings, desktop activities, and online meetings.


One of the best features of this suite is that it assists you so that you become capable of adding things to your content. For instance, you can add multiple arrows, lines, as well as texts. Also, add quick works of editing to enhance video quality. In this way, users can accomplish a stunning quality of their final work.

Edit Videos

Recording of any video becomes simple yet outstanding with this app. It gives you the capability of adding watermarks. Moreover, you can trim your video length by making use of advanced editing techniques.

Tasks Recording

You can compose different tasks related to the scheduled recording. So, easily record the webcam or PC screen in a specified interval of time. Also, each of you has the potential to set starting as well as stopping times according to your needs. 

Locked Recording

Recording of any special program or Window is a one click away with this tool. Apart from this, it does not cause any disruption in other applications while you are recording.

Recording of Spotlight:

With the use of the default shortcut keygen F4, the tool emphasizes only some of the portions of your recorded screen. All the details of your recorded screen are highlighted.

Zoom Recording:

The software permits you to precisely record a specific part of an area while you are screen recording. By utilizing the default shortcut keygen F10, the tool ensures an error-free recording. It expands the content recording for a specified display. 

New Features:

  • Fixed strategy for the screenshots and removal of bugs.
  • Alter end time for recording and multiple further enhancements.
  • Resolved the‘’ white border’’ issue in your webcam.

System Requirement

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel or AMD dual-core processor, 1.5 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 2 GB of RAM or more
  • Hard Disk Space: At least 100 MB of free disk space
  • Graphics: DirectX compatible
  • Sound: Windows compatible sound card

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ApowerREC Crack with Keygen is a unique tool that serves as an online screen recorder. By using this software, capturing your browsing activities becomes precise. Also, you get a choice of recording live chats, video streaming, as well as self-demonstration. Only a simple click makes you capable of recording many videos that are available to download on the Internet. This free utility makes the process of screen recording not only quick but also error-free.

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