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Software nameStartIsBack
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Release DateNovember 10, 2023
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StartIsBack Crack lets you configure multiple aspects of the behavior and appearance of modern UI elements and the Start Menu. It is an authentic and reliable app that performs all the functions precisely with its easy and attractive configuration UI. The version is better than before so you can get access to the functional shell enhancements for Windows 10. This tool is a fully functional Start Menu tool for your Desktop.

StartIsBack Crack

StartIsBack Crack Activated, you can effectively apply distinct skins to your taskbar. Also, it assists you in the replacement of the taskbar jump catalog (context menus) with an improved one. Similarly, it assists you in centering the taskbar icons as well as restoring your larger taskbar icons. You can fine-tune the color of your taskbars with this amazing software. It decreases the usage of OS resources and seems completely flawless with a new style. This version features a round user avatar as well as modern glyph icons. Moreover, you can open it anywhere anytime, and locate the things that you wish to find.

StartIsBack Crack License key ensures your privacy and does not collect information regarding the software or hardware of your PC. Its online activation service never collects the IP address or other information. So, it cannot conveniently identify your computer or your original identity. It improves the usability of your desktop and ensures that your brand-new Start screen is clutter-free. It serves as a lightweight and zero-privileges app, secure, fast, stable, fair, and cheap. 

Restores and improves the taskbar by displaying labels on the task icons. This tool effectively adjusts the margins and size of icons. Similarly, it moves the taskbar to the right, left, or top edges as well as drags or drops stuff onto the Taskbar. It centers different Task icons and keeps the Start button on your left. By using dynamic translucency, it splits the Taskbar into segments. You can separate the corner icons with the UI of Windows 7/10. All of these ways prove to help improve the Taskbar.

StartIsBack Crack Patch restores as well as improves Control Panel and File Explorer. It utilizes translucent effects to revamp the Ribbon and Command Bar. Also, the software features a details pane on its bottom edge and an old search box that is still functional. It supports a Dark mode for multiple dialogs. Apart from this, it restores and improves the context menus so these rounded acrylic menus contain a new look. After improvement, the Taskbar menus become fast and responsive. It provides you with better touch support and new fonts.

Similarly, another function is to restore as well as improve the start menu. With a single click, it launches apps and system places so you can browse the dropdown menus like a pro. All you obtain is a faster and more reliable search. This program features UI consistency and lightweight styling. It lets you enjoy start menu styles, third-party Taskbars, Windows 7, and Windows 10. You can effortlessly resolve UI inconsistencies in Win32 applications. The software provides you with the choice to recolor UI in Windows applications. With this app, you can browse resource usage because it leads to starting up fewer procedures.

StartIsBack Features

StartIsBack Crack

Quick Functionality

A single click helps you browse different system places and it automatically shuts down your computer. The new Windows of this program is convenient to use.

Adjust Taskbar Color

The software assists you in fine-tuning the color of your taskbar so you can include the taskbar translucency with a blur.

Displays Live Badges

Another feature is to display the live badges for new applications. Apart from this, it lets you restore the icons of larger taskbars.

Decreases Resource Usage

This application can effectively decrease the resource usage of your operating system.

Taskbar Customization

The software gives you the choice of Start Menu and Taskbar customization. It never causes a slowdown in your system performance. 

Faster Navigation

With this utility, you can restore the menu and classic start button so that you can do real-time searching.

New Features

  • An addition of alphabet markers for the Program list.
  • Supports the Light theme of Windows.
  • Addition of a configurable menu.
  • Offers comprehensive access to Metro desktop.

System Requirement

  • Operating System: Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 (32-bit or 64-bit).
  • Processor: A standard processor that meets the minimum requirements for the supported Windows version.
  • RAM (Memory): A sufficient amount of RAM is required for optimal performance. Typically, a system with at least 1 GB of RAM is recommended.
  • Storage: The amount of storage required by StartIsBack itself is minimal.
  • Internet Connection: An internet connection may be required for product activation and updates.

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StartIsBack Crack with keygen is an exemplary tool that is free, lightweight, and gets work updates with its latest Windows version. It brings you back to the traditional start menu in real time. The program features some configuration settings that clients with different skills can conveniently handle. Corporate clients find this utility functional because it is fully compatible with the start menu policies of Windows 7. The setting also features the extra group policies so this program restricts features as well as personalizes appearance. This app keeps on releasing new apps that you can frequently utilize. You can conveniently open different documents upon which you are currently working. Also, you can browse the content that you are currently looking for. So, you must utilize this software because of its working proficiency, authenticity, and affordability.

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