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Picasa Crack is a unique and cross-platform image viewer and image organizer. It assists you in arranging as well as editing your digital pictures. This program features an integration with multiple websites that share photos so you can pick images. The tool assists you in finding, editing, as well as sharing your pictures in real-time. With this tool, users can view and manage photos on her/his computer. It can precisely browse different images in HD and execute them in its intuitive and captivating interface. The high point of this software is the best and stunning presentation of your images.

Picasa Crack

The advanced features of this Picasa Crack Patch are quick to utilize. You have the choice of burning images on CD because it can generate different slideshows on your fullscreen. It assists you in configuring different printing options of your choice. Moreover, you can extract images directly from a digital camera. With Picasa, you can compose a photo album of your choice. So, you become capable of seeing your images anytime, anywhere.

Picasa Crack Full Activated is one of the best storage programs across the globe that you can utilize for image viewing. It assists you in conveniently organizing and managing digital images on different Windows PCs. The software contains additional features which may be keyword search, slideshow, red-eye removal, as well as cropping. Consequently, utilize this application for making subtle improvements in your photographs. You can easily search a wide range of pictures on your PC. Furthermore, it can automatically generate the thumbnails of every picture. So, the program permits you to recognize pictures without experiencing any trouble.

Picasa Crack License Key assists you in searching for your complete hard disk so that you can find the camera movie documents. Similarly, you can browse images and other files with this utility. This software supports multiple file formats and does not leave behind even a single trace. After identifying multiple files, the software automatically manages every document in a specific chronological order. This order solely depends on the date of creation.

An auto-discovery engine of this tool recognizes the new images that you copy into your computer. Also, the tool adds such things to its database so you do not have to spend much time on including pictures manually. Try to include these pictures in the storage option or image viewer. This software can effortlessly detect a card reader or your camera when it gets attached to your computer. So, you can copy the relevant documents to your computer. Users can also organize their digital photos with this tool. You can enhance and improve pictures with this software. The program features a broad range of unique editing features. For example, you can utilize it for creating slideshows so it becomes ideal for different meetings and presentations. Similarly, you can either email or print images in a couple of clicks. Picasa Crack Activation Key web lets users export their images to other third-party applications.

Picasa Features

Picasa Crack

Import Screen

An import screen feature of this utility permits you to import your digital images from several sources. These sources include scanners and cameras. The software permits you to search the particular folder which may include a CD-ROM drive. With this crucial feature, you become capable of adding files to the database straight from the external backup options.

Creates Slideshows

This program generates amazing slideshows as well as executes the full-screen sideshow of digital pictures in a specified album. The tool can display a full-screen slideshow of the digital images in a particular album. It circles your images according to the display time and creation.

Editing Options

Multiple editing options of this software make it one of the best image-organizing tools. So, you can edit your images with great precision.

File Importing & Tracking

With this unique feature of file importing and tracking, you can organize different images with great precision.

Facial Recognition

This feature assists you to choose images directly from the People Album. All you require is to turn on the Face Detection and some identified faces in your album. Similarly, you can turn them back on at the time of need.

Color Enhancement

The color enhancement feature allows you to adjust different colors in your images. In this way, you can effectively remove the color cast. 

Red Eye Reduction

If you try to brighten up your room and tell the person to look away from their camera, you can resolve the issue of red eye. Apart from this, you have a choice to fix the red eye effects.


You can crop different images by opening them in the editing Window. It helps you trim the undesired portion of your image.

New Features

  • Smart tools for photo editing.
  • Import images in a better way.
  • A new user view.

System Requirement

  • Operating System: Windows: Picasa was compatible with various versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.
  • macOS: Picasa also had a version compatible with macOS.
  • Processor: A standard processor that meets the minimum requirements for the supported operating system.
  • RAM (Memory): At least 1 GB of RAM is recommended.
  • Hard Disk Space: The amount of storage required by Picasa itself is not usually significant.
  • Internet Connection: An internet connection may be required for certain features, such as online photo sharing.

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Picasa Crack Serial key




Picasa Crack with keygen serves as the best image-viewing as well as storage application. It assists you in the organization and management of your digital pictures on Windows computers. The useful features of this utility include keyword search, cropping, slideshow, and red-eye removal. Also, this program can make many subtle improvements in your photos. You can conveniently browse a wide range of pictures in your operating system. Photo organization becomes more accurate and precise with this utility. The tool offers support for a wide range of useful formats. The free and authentic photo organization utility resolves most of your image editing issues. So, you must utilize it to obtain unique outcomes. It works in the best yet simplest way and contains useful features for all.

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