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Minitool Partition Wizard Download 12.8 Crack + Serial Key 2024

Minitool Partition Wizard Crack is a reliable and professional partition manager for Windows users so that they can protect their data and optimize disk usage. The software helps you to transfer, edit size, copy, discover, as well as recover the partitions of the hard disk drive. More than 50 useful features are part of this multifunctional tool. Therefore, it can manage your disks and partitions in different aspects of partition generation so that you can recover data along with system migration. It is a multilingual program that includes multiple languages. 

Performing disk partition management is one of the most important features of Minitool Partition Wizard. Minitool Partition Wizard Full Version Activated allows you to generate, modify the size, transfer, blend, format, split, delete, hide, and wipe partitions to compose an improved disk storage space. Apart from this, it leads you to make the disk partition conversion between Primary, MBR, Logical, and GPT. Similarly, you can check and resolve the errors of the file system on specific partitions. Also, you can discover the bad sectors on the selective disks.  

Minitool Partition Wizard License Key allows users to move or resize their partitions. They can enlarge any small partition to save more data or shrink a large partition to efficiently fill up the free space. Apart from this, they can move the location of the partition. Similarly, the users can merge the adjacent NTFS partitions into a bigger partition without affecting the quality of data in any of these partitions. The formatting of partitions to NTFS, FAT, and exFAT, in this way using the drive in multiple platforms becomes easier. 

Conversion of FAT32 into NTFS without any data loss becomes easier. when you are required to save individual documents that are bigger than the size of 4 GB into an FAT32 drive. Apart from this, Minitool Partition Wizard Serial Key set the logical or primary partition to accurately install OS as well as set the logical partition so that you can generate many partitions on the MBR disk. Similarly, you can analyze the file system integrity and attempt to resolve all the errors that are automatically found in these simple steps.  

Minitool Partition Wizard for Windows / Mac helps you manage multiple management functions of your hardware such as partition wiping and space analysis. The extensive toolkit of this program lets you resolve the important issues as well as enhancements that are necessary for your partitions to increase the speed of your PC. 


Partition Management:

With Minitool Partition Wizard Download, you become capable of creating, resizing, moving, recovering, formatting, and deleting the partitions on your specific hard drives. 

Protection of Data:

The amazing features of this program are disk cloning, data recovery, and disk backup which let you protect your content. 

Data Diagnostics:

By working as a disk diagnostic program, the software quantifies write speed and disk read. It analyses the disk properties, ensures the volume’s file system, resolves logical errors, as well as proper usage on your computer. In addition, if any bad sectors are present on your hard drive, the software effortlessly detects and removes them. 

Data Recovery:

You can effortlessly recover data with the Minitool Partition Wizard. You can recover deleted or formatted drives with great ease. In addition, it helps in quickly recovering and finding the lost partitions and rebuilding your MBR table without putting much effort. 

Management of Disk:

You can efficiently manage the usage of disk space, convert the style of disk partition between GPT and MBR, as well as monitor the integrity of the file system. 

Disk Benchmarking:

Minitool Partition Wizard features disk benchmarking that lets you measure the transfer rates of the data. The graphical representation of this feature shows random and sequential scenarios of moving data. In this way, you can calculate the overall pace and performance of your hard drive. 

Space Analyzer:

With the built-in space analyzer, you can analyze the usage of the drive. When you are utilizing it, you can effortlessly check which folders or files are consuming the disk space. Also, the software indicates the data when you previously utilized your documents.   


One of the best things about this software is its safe use. It comes after a comprehensive scanning against viruses that can ever be found in your device. 

Free Tool:

Clients find this feature useful because most of them want to use tools that are either budget-friendly or free. They can download this program for free and unlock its beneficial features. 

Easy to Use:

The software becomes easy to use because of its simpler interface as well as step-wise Wizards that make the tasks of disk management and partitioning easier. Therefore, beginners can also efficiently utilize this tool. 

Customer Service:

The strong customer service of Minitool Partition Wizard helps the majority of the users. All the questions are efficiently covered with a wider FAQ portion given by this tool. Moreover, if you go through any problem, the tool resolves all of your problems. 

New Features:

  • Improved the state of scanning progress bars during the recovery of data. 
  • The data filtering activity is optimized in the data recovery procedure. 
  • exFAT partitions offer improved data recovery. 
  • Resolved unallocated space that does not display after a disk copy. 
  • Resolved the issue of software crashing after editing the cluster size.  
  • Addition of new languages such as Korean and Spanish. 
  • Addition of online software installation. 
  • Updated data recovery modules. 

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Storage: 16 GB
  • Processor: 1GHZ

Minitool Partition Wizard Crack License Key




Minitool Partition Wizard Crack Serial key




Minitool Partition Wizard Crack with Keygen is an amazing partition manager that is useful for home and office users. It owns the functions of disk partition management for optimizing, partitioning, and efficiently managing your operating system. With this top-notch tool, you can perform the distribution of optical disk space and make sure that the hard disk structure remains ideal. 

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