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Macro Recorder Crack records each step in a Visual Basic for Application code during the macro recording. These steps include typing numbers or text, and clicking cells, or commands on the menus or the ribbon. The tool tends to format cells, columns, or rows as well as important data from any external source, such as Microsoft Access. You do not need to repeat your tasks because this app records the complete actions of your keyboard and mouse. So, you can perform an infinite replay. Working as an efficient Windows app, it records the mouse and keyboard. Also, it converts macros into EXE files with its powerful automation technology. 

Macro Recorder Crack

Insert statements and custom commands in your macros: ‘’ Open file’’, ‘’launch website’’, ‘’go to’’, ‘’wait for windows’’, and ‘’shut down’’, etc. By using ‘’IF’’ and ‘’ THEN’’  statements, you can simply add logic to your macros. Use it for recording your mouse movements, keyboard inputs, as well as mouse clicks. Macro Recorder Crack Patch functions like a tape recorder for your Windows PC. It features a built-in micro editor that is useful for reviewing recordings, altering pauses, modifying keyboard inputs, and rearranging actions. Repeat your macro recording by simply pressing the play button. The tool ensures to adjust your playback pace as well as smoothens the edgy mouse movements. 

Macro Recorder Crack Full Version never depends on the fixed X/Y coordinates and captures the visual portion that is surrounding the click position. It scans the captured area on your desktop during the macro playback. You can locate the click position although your click target is currently displaced. For instance, you can locate the click position for an advertisement on any web page. It pauses when you finally find the click target. Then, it continues with a simple automation and does not need any sort of static wait time. Also, it does not need any kind of programming.

Use it for the sizes and positions of your program windows that you opened during the macro recording process. Macro Recorder Crack Activation Key tends to precisely restore these parameters upon playback. Hence, it ensures you an adequate micro execution. Moreover, you can share macros with other members of the team so it makes collaboration smooth and easy.

Smart mouse recording is an advantageous feature of the Macro Recorder. Smart algorithms convert erratic mouse movements into different linear, smooth, or curvy shapes. You find this feature specifically helpful while creating the screencasts because it removes visual distractions. It can adjust the playback speed of your mouse movements either collectively or individually. Above all, the program comes with a simplified approach to macro editing. 

You can consolidate the mouse movements that are between clicks in a single mouse move action that is manageable. Its ‘’ no code automation’’ strategy makes automation simple for each user and not only for the programming experts. If you do not know any proprietary scripting language, you can still use this app. Its interface is simple enough to be used for even the most novice users. It visualizes your recorded mouse paths as well as clicks utilizing the overlay graphics. With this feature, you can every event of the mouse during the editing of the macro script.

Macro Recorder Features

Macro Recorder Crack

Mouse Recorder

With a mouse recorder, you can not only capture the mouse movements but also record scroll wheel actions and clicks.

Web Automation

As a web recorder, the tool automates all the actions in your browser. You do not have to be an expert programmer to get the most out of it.

Automated Tool Testing

If you want to perform automated tool testing then opt for Micro Recorder. It is equipped with the needed in-built equipment to accomplish this objective. You can perform the system maintenance and utilize it as a mouse & keyboard tracer.  Also, you can make presentations and tutorials with it and auto-login to online accounts.

Keyboard Recorder

Another feature is a keyboard recorder that can effectively record the keyboard as well as text input for unlimited replay.

On-Screen OCR

Text extraction from your screen is now quite easier with this tool. So, you can extract text from bitmaps or plain text so that you can use it further in automation projects.

Compile to EXE

Conversion of the macros into EXE files is possible with this app. Also, it can run on Windows-compatible computers. It packs and compresses the resulting EXE file to improve performance and save space.

Desktop Automation

This Mac/Desktop/Windows automation app can set your computer on autopilot mode. In this way, you can repeat multiple tasks infinitely.

OpenAI Integration

Another feature of this utility is an integration with OpenAI and ChatGPT. It helps to empower your automation with its artificial intelligence.


Effortlessly assign the keyboard and mouse macros to hotkeys. In this way, you can run them directly from any app on your computer.

Reads QR Code/ Barcode

Reading Barcode/QR code is another special feature of this software that is useful to automate your tasks.


This tool can conveniently debug your macros because it inserts breakpoints. So, it tends to loop your playback or play partially.  

Tune your Macros

It allows you to loop your macro playback and use filters for macro recording. Similarly, you can adjust the playback speed and utilize its ‘’ stealth mode’’ for macro-recording.

Smart & Flexible

Use it for locating the images on your screen and detect the changing of your Windows position, etc. Scheduling and comprehensive Windows-shell integration are other advantages of this app. A built-in feature editor helps you in macro editing.

New Features

  • Read text from OCR.
  • Captures the screenshots of the specific area of the desktop.
  • Displays the recorded data in the form of a variable.

System Requirement

  • Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
  • macOS: Compatible with recent versions of macOS.
  • Processor: A standard processor that meets the minimum requirements for the supported operating system.
  • RAM (Memory): A system with at least 1 GB of RAM is recommended.
  • Storage: The amount of storage required by the macro recorder itself is usually not significant.

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Macro Recorder Crack with keygen records a macro in Microsoft Excel and tends to automate your repetitive tasks. It allows you to record the macro in any of your desired formats. Also, it captures each step during macro recording so you can identify and correct mistakes you made during this process. Hence, you can either re-record the entire sequence or alter your VBA code. The tool makes your recording process smooth so macro runs efficiently when you play it back. Use it for recording the repetitive sequence of the keyboard and mouse. It saves you time by automating different tasks. You can adjust the Windows positions, titles, and sizes with this app. The app tends to utilize a similar automation engine that functions as the Macro Scheduler. Apart from this, everyone finds it quite affordable and accessible because of its ease of use and free availability. Download it right now and make your macro recording journey smooth and error-free.

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