FilmConvert Nitrate for After Effects & Premiere Pro 3.47

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Software nameFilmConvert Nitrate for After Effects & Premiere Pro
Size539 MB
License typeFull Version Activated 2024
Release DateJanuary 31, 2024
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FilmConvert Nitrate 3.47 for After Effects & Premiere Pro

Welcome to the world of professional color grading with FilmConvert Nitrate 3.47, a powerful software designed for use with both After Effects and Premiere Pro. This cutting-edge tool empowers filmmakers and video editors to achieve stunning cinematic looks with ease. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, FilmConvert Nitrate offers an intuitive and efficient workflow, allowing you to transform your raw footage into visually captivating masterpieces.

Unleash your creativity with FilmConvert Nitrate’s advanced features, including a comprehensive set of color grading tools, enhanced grain control, and an extensive film stock library. Elevate your projects to new heights by seamlessly integrating Nitrate into your After Effects and Premiere Pro workflows. Experience the flexibility of real-time previews and instant visual feedback, ensuring that every frame meets your artistic vision. With FilmConvert Nitrate 3.47, bring your storytelling to life through the art of color grading.

Key Features:

1. Enhanced Color Grading Tools:

Take control of your color grading with FilmConvert Nitrate’s advanced tools, offering precise adjustments for exposure, color balance, and saturation. Achieve the perfect look for your project with ease.

2. Film Stock Emulation:

Access a vast library of film stocks to emulate the classic cinematic looks of iconic films. From the timeless beauty of Kodak to the modern appeal of Fujifilm, Nitrate provides an extensive selection for unparalleled creative expression.

3. Real-time Previews:

Experience the convenience of real-time previews, allowing you to instantly see the impact of your color grading decisions. This feature streamlines your workflow, saving time and ensuring optimal results.

4. Enhanced Grain Control:

FilmConvert Nitrate 3.47 takes grain control to the next level, offering detailed adjustments to achieve the perfect amount of filmic texture. Fine-tune the grain parameters to add character and depth to your footage.

5. Seamless Integration:

Integrate FilmConvert Nitrate effortlessly into your After Effects and Premiere Pro workflows. Enjoy a smooth and efficient editing experience as you apply cinematic looks to your projects without any hassle.

6. GPU Acceleration:

Optimize your editing process with GPU acceleration, ensuring quick and responsive performance. Take advantage of the latest hardware capabilities to achieve efficient and high-quality color grading results.

7. Precision Film Emulation:

FilmConvert Nitrate 3.47 excels in precision film emulation, accurately replicating the characteristics of various film stocks. Enhance the visual storytelling of your projects by capturing the essence of classic cinematography.

8. Export Options:

Export your projects with confidence, choosing from a variety of output options. Whether you’re creating content for online platforms or cinematic distribution, FilmConvert Nitrate ensures compatibility and high-quality exports.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Windows 10 or macOS 10.13 and later


16 GB or higher


Multi-core Intel or AMD processor, 2 GHz or faster


GPU with 4 GB of VRAM or more, supporting OpenGL 4.1 or later


At least 2 GB of free space for installation


Q: Is FilmConvert Nitrate 3.47 available as a full version?

A: Yes, FilmConvert Nitrate 3.47 is available as a full version, providing access to all its advanced features and capabilities.

Q: Do I need to activate FilmConvert Nitrate 3.47 separately for After Effects and Premiere Pro?

A: No, once activated, FilmConvert Nitrate 3.47 seamlessly integrates into both After Effects and Premiere Pro, allowing you to use the software across both platforms without the need for separate activation.

Q: Can I use FilmConvert Nitrate 3.47 on multiple devices with a single license?

A: FilmConvert Nitrate 3.47 licenses are typically per user, allowing you to install and activate the software on multiple devices owned and used by a single user.

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