Combo Cleaner 1.4.0 Crack + Activation Key 2024

Combo Cleaner Crack is an advanced tool for protecting your digital world against ransomware, malware, and adware threats. This anti-malware application is powerful, professional, and easy to use. So, it ensures that malicious applications cannot enter your PC. You can freely utilize Duplicate Scanner and Big Files Finder features. The software has the potential to protect your PC by scanning anti-malware. So, it can defend your computer from all the latest malware threats.

Combo Cleaner Crack

Combo Cleaner Crack License key can recover all the disk space on your computer. It is a bigger as well as duplicate file finder that lets you uncover as well as save disk space. The saved disk space is usually in the gigabytes. Its specific folder and quick anti-malware protection modules keep your documents and photos protected.  In this way, you stay protected from ransomware attacks. The support team of this software is diligent and answers all the queries.

Combo Cleaner Crack Activation key has anti-malware detection capabilities that comprise four major modules. This powerful scanner can effectively scan each file on the PC for malicious code. This anti-malware scanner can quickly uncover malicious apps as soon as they get executed. With the anti-malware module, you can protect the chosen folders from file-encrypting malware. Its Web-protection module can prevent people from visiting infected and phishing websites.

The malware scanner is highly in demand and can scan each file on your PC. In this way, you can become sure that malware is not active on your device. Combo Cleaner Crack Patch ensures checking every file after you download it and each email that you ever receive. After this, it ensures to warn you against potential malware infections. An additional protection layer helps you select the folders that are rigorously protected. These folders have complete protection from encryption attempts of malicious files.

You can identify if any junk duplicate file is present in your device. Also, it enlists them in a form that is easily understood. You can get multiple benefits by removing these duplicate files. For instance, it lets you recover the wasted disk space, decreases file search times, and minimizes the times of media backup, etc. Combo Cleaner Crack Serial key supports plenty of file formats. The tool can determine all of the duplicate songs, photos, documents, videos, MP3 files, etc. Apart from this, this program can remove all of the duplicate folders.

By using powerful scanning technology, the software locates duplicate files on your external and local hard drives. It locates duplicate documents as well as enlists them in an easy-to-understand form. You can obtain multiple benefits by removing duplicate files. For instance, it lets you recover wasted disk space and decreases your file search times. Also, it minimizes the time of your media backup, etc.

Combo Cleaner Features

Combo Cleaner Crack

Precise & Fast Detection:

Combo Cleaner Crack is a fast tool that can precisely detect duplicate files. This Duplicate File Finder can monitor the data of your file. So, it can locate all similar matches with great ease.

Easy Sorting

The modification date sorted all the large files. Also, you have a chance to list these files according to their creation date. In this way, the tool permits you to determine the older or redundant large files.

Extremely Fast

The file scan engine available in this tool is extremely fast. The old and big Files Finder lets you check the external disks. So, you can quickly list all the folders and files that are quite larger than the size of 100 megabytes.

Supports Multiple File Formats

The tool is capable of finding duplicate songs, photos, documents, videos, MP3 files, etc. You can effectively remove all the duplicate folders.

Locate Duplicate Files

Another unique feature is to identify the duplicate files and arrange them in an easy-to-understand order. It brings you multiple advantages because it provides you with free space on the external and local hard drives.


The design is another cause of attraction for the majority of the people so that they can utilize this application. This program also accompanies a simple interface so the functionality is easily comprehensible for people. They also recommend their friends to utilize this software.

New Features

  • A better protection for your PC.
  • Improved scan engines.
  • Resolves Mac issues.

System Requirement

  • Operating System: macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or later
  • Processor: Intel-based Mac
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM or more
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free hard-disk space for installation

Combo Cleaner Crack License Key




Combo Cleaner Crack Serial key




Combo Cleaner Crack with keygen is an amazing program that is equipped with the unique features of removing and preventing malware. It grants you protection against ransomware and adware infections. From quick protection to on-demand scanners, this tool ensures that cybercriminals cannot ruin your day. The majority of people currently stick to the application because of its authenticity, reliability, and user-friendly approach. Duplicates Scanner and Big Files Finder features are available so that you can easily use them. Similarly, you can get its anti-malware features.

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